Gene Simmons to release audio of him writing with Bob Dylan

GENE Simmons is to release audio of him writing with Bob Dylan as part of the KISS bassist’s upcoming US$2000 Vault boxed set.

A just-announced track listing for the package, with Simmons says he will hand deliver to fans around the world this year, shows “Bob Dylan and Gene Simmons Recording Session (15.48)” as the final track on disc five.

The session, which took place in 1991, resulted in the song “Waiting For The Morning Light”, which appeared on Simmons’2004 solo album, Asshole.

KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer said in an interview with blogger Jay Gilbert: “One day, I got a call from Gene and he says, ‘Get a drummer and keyboard player and meet me down at Cherokee Studios at 7 p.m. tonight — we’re going to record with Bob Dylan’.

“He won’t mind me saying this, but I’ve never seen Gene be anything but ‘I’m Gene Simmons and I’m the center of the universe,’” Thayer said of that night. “But around Bob Dylan has was like a kid just happy to be in the room.”
Simmons told Billboard in 2008: “Bob came up with the chords, most of them, and then I took it and wrote lyrics, melody, the rest of it,. We understood each other right away. He picked up an acoustic guitar, and we just tossed it back and forth – ‘How ’bout this, how ’bout that?’ As soon as I heard the first three or four chords, I went, ‘Wait, what’s that? Do that again.’ So I went and started to write a lyric around that.”

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