Michael Sweet Says Sebastian Bach’s Fans Want Skid Row Sound

STRYPER frontman Michael Sweet says Sebastian Bach’s fans want him to revert to a classic Skid Row sound on future solo albums.

And Sweet, who is about to release an record with ex-Dokken guitarist George Lynch, has told the Trunk Nation program on Sirius XM’s Hair Nation channel that he entered into talks over producing just such an album.

“This isn’t a bash against Sebastian at all, it’s just my opinion,” Sweet told host Eddie Trunk.

“I think people want to hear Sebastian of old. They want to hear the Skid Row Sebastian. They want to hear the hits. He’s giving them modern rock.

“It (Given ‘Em Hell) is a good album. It’s a good sounding album but it’s not the glory days. I think that’s one thing Stryper at least tried to do (with No More Hell To Pay) and I saw the numbers to prove it.”

Sweet explained Stryper’s Reborn album – with more of a modern rock feel – sold less than 5000 first week and No More Hell To Pay shifted 10,000 in the same period.

“I was approached to do a Sebastian album … to produce it,” he said, “to co-write with him and basically try to go back to those powerful songs from the past.

“…not make a dated record – just that style, of the anthemy stuff from Skid Row that everybody loves.

“It was going down the track a little ways and it came to a screachy halt. He decided he wanted to do an acoustic album, he wanted to do this and wanted to do that.

“I’ll tell you right now, I think I could have helped Sebastian make a killer album. I guess now we’ll never know.”

Sweet also revealed bassist Tom Gaines was the only member of Stryper who was not a full business partner in the veteran Christian metal act.

“We’re a corporation and we share the profits – Robert (Sweet), Oz (Fox) and myself,” he said. “The reason why Tim’s not an officer – and he may be some day – is because he’s been in and out of the band a couple of times.

“We thought, well, it;s a little volatile. We should maybe hold off on that. Tim makes as much as we do, sometimes more.”

Sweet said he was also asked to sing on the next album by T&N, which includes three quarters of the original Dokken line-up. He said he believed he could do a good job of producing Van Halen.

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