@Ironmaiden on @reddit THE PRODUCTION

April 1, 2019 // 0 Comments

THE PRODUCTION What is the deal with production on the post-reunion albums? I know this has been discussed before but to my ears it’s nothing short of awful. It does the band or the songs no favours whatsoever. The guitars sound paper thin with little or no separation or dynamism in the sounds. Guitar effects sound really amateur. Nicko’s drums sound like plastic buckets, so bad in fact that they’ve made him sound like a poor drummer. The whole mix is a muddy mess and this makes the band sound tired and leaden. The songs should be allowed to breathe and soar but instead everything is played at the same horribly viscous tone Now, I’m [read on]

@Ironmaiden on @reddit First Time Listening To: Fear of The Dark

April 1, 2019 // 0 Comments

First Time Listening To: Fear of The Dark Damn, has it been a while since my last one of these. It was going to take some time anyway since Fear of The Dark is Maiden’s longest album up to this point in their catalog. I’ve had plenty of time to listen and settle my opinion of this album. I also have not heard anything beyond this point, but I know that the next album doesn’t have Bruce in it. I’ll have to look up why, but, if I were to guess, this is the “dark” age of their discography. Surely it won’t be that bad. I digress. No Prayer for the Dying was alright, but nothing special. Especially compared to Seventh Son, which [read on]