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Doug Aldrich: How KISS would have sounded with me instead of Vinnie Vincent

June 7, 2018 // 0 Comments

GUITARIST Doug Aldrich says KISS would have sounded “similar” in the early 1980s if he had beaten Vinnie Vincent to the job of replacing Ace Frehley. Aldrich, now with American-Australian supergroup the Dead Daisies, was still a teenager when he auditioned for the self-styled “hottest band in the world” in 1982. “At the time, everyone was looking for guitar players who had a little more chops, in the early eighties,” says Aldrich, now 54, on the White Line Fever podcast. “Whitesnake did it, they got John Sykes. Ozzy … Tony Iommi is amazing, he’s the riff-master but Randy Rhoads, he’s more of a soloist. Everybody wanted to [read on]

Gene Simmons doesn’t know the difference between good music and sales figures, says Little Caesar singer

May 29, 2018 // 0 Comments

GENE Simmons believes rock is dead because he can’t tell the difference between good music and good sales, according to Little Caesar frontman Ron Young. Young was responding to Simmons’ now-infamous 2014 proclamation that the art form of rock’n’roll had expired. It caused such a kerfuffle that Canadian band Helix subsequently released a song called “(Gene Simmons says) Rock Is Dead”. “Rock’s not dead – big huge business of rock is dead so Gene Simmons laments,” Young says on the latest episode of White Line Fever podcast . “It’s ridiculous. Rock is never going to go away. It’s just a [read on]

Derek Sherinian: How I made Yngwie Malmsteen play on my solo album

February 13, 2018 // 0 Comments

YNGWIE Malmsteen never guests on other people’s records – but keyboards star Derek Sherinian says he broke him down with a deal the guitar whiz couldn’t refuse. And Son Of Apollo Sherinian says it was former KISS associate Gene Simmons who showed him how to do business. “I also hold the distinction that he’s played on two of my solo records – he does not to do guest appearances,” Sherinian told Sirius XM Volume in speaking about Malmsteen. “I was savvy enough, from learning from Gene, (to know) that everything is negotiable. “He wanted me to go do the tour and obviously he didn’t [read on]

Gene Simmons to release audio of him writing with Bob Dylan

January 6, 2018 // 0 Comments

GENE Simmons is to release audio of him writing with Bob Dylan as part of the KISS bassist’s upcoming US$2000 Vault boxed set. A just-announced track listing for the package, with Simmons says he will hand deliver to fans around the world this year, shows “Bob Dylan and Gene Simmons Recording Session (15.48)” as the final track on disc five. The session, which took place in 1991, resulted in the song “Waiting For The Morning Light”, which appeared on Simmons’2004 solo album, Asshole. KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer said in an interview with blogger Jay Gilbert: “One day, I got a call from Gene and he says, ‘Get a drummer and [read on]

Simmons falls over, denies singing “Vote Trump”

July 18, 2016 // 3 Comments

UPDATED: KISS co-founder Gene Simmons, who took a tumble during a show at the weekend, has denied singing “vote trump” during an earlier performance. In Eugene, Oregon, on July 9 while performing “I Love It Loud”, Simmons seemed to endose the presidential hopeful. But he responded to a question on Twitter from a fan by insisting he had instead said “more drums”. See our video below and make up your mind A week later, the demon needed a stage hand to get him back on his “seven inch leather heels” when he took a tumble at the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse at Montana State University. The second [read on]

Crobot Frontman Says If Rock Is Dead, KISS Killed It

January 20, 2015 // 0 Comments

BRANDON Yeagley, the singer from Pennsylvania retro rockers Crobot, says Gene Simmons only has himself to blame if rock is indeed dead. Speaking to Hot Metal, Yeagley reckons the band’s capitalist ways mean Simmons declaration of death for the genre are self-fulfilling. “When you hear people like Gene Simmons quoting the things that he said, about rock’n’roll being dead, which could well be for publication servicing types of motives… “But I kind of look at it and – forgive me if you are a KISS fan but I –  sort of think bands like KISS are what killed it, they sort of put a price tag and dollar sign on everything. [read on]