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Inglorious ‘Ride To Nowhere

January 23, 2019 // 0 Comments

Inglorious ‘Ride To Nowhere I can’t not mention that over the last few months the fact that this album was due to be released was smothered by the departure of 3 band members all on the same day. Then there was the awful cyber bullying of the frontman and then a bit of a meltdown from him on social media followed by a clearly heartfelt apology. There’s no skirting around it – it took the shine off the new album and the forthcoming tour, pausing the anticipation and the positivity which has been around the band since 2014. The two previous albums have been winners, gaining the band fans and respect along the way. the bands identity [read on]


January 16, 2019 // 0 Comments

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY WAKE UP THE COMA NEW ALBUM BY CANADIAN DUO OUT 08.02.19 [METROPOLIS] includes the single EYE ON YOU (feat Robert Görl) iTunes/Apple Music Spotify Front Line Assembly will release their first new album in almost six years in early 2019. Having rejoined the group in 2016 in a touring capacity, ‘Wake Up The Coma’ also marks the studio return to FLA of Rhys Fulber, thus reuniting him with founder member Bill Leeb in the duo line-up that has already made so many classic electronic records together. Musically, ‘Wake Up The Coma’ sees FLA continue to push the envelope of the [read on]

Starbreaker / Dysphoria

January 16, 2019 // 0 Comments

 Starbreaker / Dysphoria Former TNT Frontman” Tony Harnell” has decided to get together once again with Primal Fear guitarist “Magnus Karlsson” for album number three under the Starbreaker banner, with 2nd album 2008,s “Loves Dying Wish” being a particular highlight of mine from all of Harnells work that he has put his name to over the years. Following on from Harnells departure from TNT in 2017 one of rocks finest vocalists is now back doing what he does best, keeping his legions of fans contented with some fresh material. Opening track “Pure Evil” comes blasting out the speakers like its title suggests, with double kick [read on]

Papa Roach Who Do You Trust

January 16, 2019 // 0 Comments

Papa Roach Who Do You Trust ‘Who Do You Trust’ is the iconic Californian rockers 10th album and brings the band firmly into the present with new vibes erring in the lighter side with pop-rock tracks sitting nicely alongside their more traditional sound. Released on 18th January, it’s definitely different from the other 9 offerings and despite several listens I still can’t make up my mind what I really feel about it. ‘The Ending’ is a rap-rock anthem. Big sounding with Jacoby Shaddix sounding as good as ever . ‘Renegade Music’ follows in a very similar vein. Huge sounding and full of layers of sound, expertly played by superb [read on]

Quiet Riot – One night in Milan

January 11, 2019 // 0 Comments

Finally Quiet Riot Fans around the world can rejoice in the fact that they have a up to date live document not just in audible format but also on DVD. Recorded obviously in Italy at the Frontiers rock festival in 2018. Featuring the powerhouse drummer and founder member “Frankie Banali” who has single handedly steered the Quiet Riot through the smooth times and the painful stormy times, keeping the memory of the much missed vocalist “Kevin DuBrow” fresh in our minds whilst moving forward with new material which fans of the band enjoy and appreciate. The group now fronted by “James Durbin” the one time contestant on American Idol, [read on]

Massive: Rebuild Destroy Album Review

January 11, 2019 // 0 Comments

  Massive: Rebuild Destroy Album Review Massive, the hard and heavy rock and rollers from Australia have just signed a new five-year contract with Off Yer Rocka recordings, coinciding with this is the release of their long awaited third studio album now available for pre orders and due for release on February the 1st. The band, Brad Marr Lead Vocals Guitar, Ben Laguda Lead Guitar Backing Vocals, Alex Carmichael guitar, and Andrew Greentree drums, describe Rebuild Destroy as their most kick ass album to date and after hearing it I certainly agree, eleven tracks of blistering hard and heavy rock Starting with Generation Riot: a [read on]

The Ronains – Love, Drugs & on the Dole

January 9, 2019 // 0 Comments

The Ronains – Love, Drugs & on the Dole My first introduction to The Ronains was via social media and their headline grabbing t-shirt with the slogan Teresa May talks pish. I instantly thought what is not to love about that? I also wanted to buy the shirt so hoped to hell the band were going to be good. Now the story to this band is quite unusual. The band is the brainchild of guitarist Jim Reid. He already had things moving along nicely with previous band Ronaynes, tours, music and a man as powerful in the industry as Gordy Goudie of Simple Minds fame. He then decided for a full change 18 months ago, changed members and direction and [read on]


January 8, 2019 // 0 Comments

Formed way back in 1983 and returning with their first full fledged set of new material since 1990, the ultimate good time rock n roll party band that is “Jetboy” promised us something special and after repeated plays I can happily announce they are true to their word. With founder members “Fernie Rod” Guitars and “Billy Rowe” Guitars, they are of course fronted by the larger than life “Mickey Finn” vocals, with Bass duties covered by former Faster Pussycat man “Eric Stacey”,rounding things off we have drummer “Al Serrato” so what better way to start 2019 with the long awaited Jetboy album’ “Beating The Odds” [read on]

100 Watt Vipers – Holy Water

December 30, 2018 // 0 Comments

  100 Watt Vipers – Holy Water Mostly when doing album reviews we go by release dates but when you get a personal recommendation from a PR that is so honed to your musical tastes you instantly drop what you are doing and so I bring you 100 Watt Vipers. Two piece bands seem to be on the up at the moment and seeing two live recently supporting Clutch here in the UK my interest was peaked instantly. I pressed play immediately and as “Aces high” came blasting out the speakers the early AC/DC influence is clear to hear. A blues tipped, down on your luck anthem with some outstanding guitars and a fighting attitude. One track in and I [read on]

Last Alibi – debut EP

December 30, 2018 // 0 Comments

  Last Alibi – debut EP It has been a while in the making and if you are from Glasgow or the surrounding areas you have likely heard all the songs on this debut live already…but we are the lucky ones, now the rest of the world gets to hear just how brilliant this band are. I have seen the boys a good few times now and every time I see them added to a bill it makes me smile. Glasgow is inundated with brilliant bands but Last Alibi have something very different to the rest. Some will say they are locked in the past, some I am sure will not take to Jamie Ramage’s smoky, dusty and gruff vocals but for me the band roll back the [read on]