Motley Crue “devoid of ethics and morality”

April 3, 2019 // 0 Comments

ALAN Niven, the Kiwi famous for managing Guns N’Roses, has quoted A&R guru Tom Zutaut – a key character in The Dirt – describing Motley Crue as “truly devoid of ethics and morality”. Niven recounted a conversation with his longtime friend on the latest episode of Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon, on which Zutaut also appears. Zutaut is played by Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson in The hit Netflix film about Motley Crue “We should let Tom speak for himself but he once said to me, not too long ago, that of all the bands he dealt with – and there are a lot – he said that Motley were the ones that were truly [read on]

Poison biopic in the works

March 29, 2019 // 0 Comments

SINGER Brett Michaels has revealed approaches to produce a The Dirt-style biopic on Poison. Speaking on Siriux XM, 56-year-old Michaels says he’s determined the project won’t happen unless it steers clear of cliches. “They have (approached us) and we will (do it) but it’s just got to be … what I don’t want is them just to throw the stuff that everyone obviously does,” Michaels told host Eddie Trunk. “I go back to Bohemian Rhapsody, it was so interesting to hear the stuff I didn’t know or the conversations they had. “…or how things came about with the music or their lifestyle. [read on]

Drummer gets tattoo of … a kebab wrapper

March 29, 2019 // 0 Comments

ROCKERS have been known to get some pretty weird tattoos but Andy Nielsen, drummer of Aussie outfit The Lazys, has taken the cake. Actually, make that the kebab. He’s taken the kebab. While preparing to perform on German TV last week, Andy wandered into The Good Old Times Tattoo in Berlin and askedartist Sebastian Aurich to ink a “piece” on an arm inspired by a doner wrapper. The chef depicted in the time-honoured design, usually dismissed by intoxicated revelers more concerned with the wrapper’s ability to soak up grease, has been turned into a demon. And above the shish is in the inscription timeless inscription Tod [read on]

LA Guns frontman: trust us over line-up changes

September 10, 2018 // 0 Comments

LA GUNS singer Phil Lewis says fans should trust him and guitarist Tracii Guns to employ “the best players available” as the number of musicians who’ve been in various iterations of the band approaches the half-century. Guitarist Michael Grant was sacked from the Sunset Strip outfit this year and replaced by Johnny Monaco, who only lasted 12 shows. Some estimates had Monaco as member 49. Adam Hamilton, a former bass player with LA Guns, has now returned as guitarist. “I think it’s pretty much accepted now that if it’s me and Tracii playing together, then that’s LA Guns,” Lewis, 61, tells the latest episode of White Line [read on]

Scottish rockers recall blazing studio rows with INXS star

July 11, 2018 // 0 Comments

SCOTTISH rockers Gun have recalled “a lot of friction in the studio” with INXS keyboardist Andew Farriss during the making of their poorly-received 1997 album, 0141 632 6326. Farris was brought on as producer for the album and guitarist Jools Gizzi tells the White Line Fever podcast: “Whatever songs we had, Andrew just came and disected them. “The demos were really up there. We just wanted him to add to the demos but he just went a complete left-field with it and then it caused a lot of friction in the studio – with myself especially. But Gizzi insists there are no bad feelings towards the 59-year-old. “It’s in the past,” [read on]

Gene Simmons doesn’t know the difference between good music and sales figures, says Little Caesar singer

May 29, 2018 // 0 Comments

GENE Simmons believes rock is dead because he can’t tell the difference between good music and good sales, according to Little Caesar frontman Ron Young. Young was responding to Simmons’ now-infamous 2014 proclamation that the art form of rock’n’roll had expired. It caused such a kerfuffle that Canadian band Helix subsequently released a song called “(Gene Simmons says) Rock Is Dead”. “Rock’s not dead – big huge business of rock is dead so Gene Simmons laments,” Young says on the latest episode of White Line Fever podcast . “It’s ridiculous. Rock is never going to go away. It’s just a [read on]

Lemmy was “surely sickly” in his final years, says Whitfield Crane

March 15, 2018 // 0 Comments

UGLY Kid Joe singer Whitefield Crane says friend Lemmy Kilmister was “surely sickly” in the three years before his death. The Motorhead frontman died of cancer on December 28, 2015. In an April, 2014, interview Crane dismissed concerns for close friend Lemmy’s health by saying “all is well” with the iconic bassist. But Crane now admits his hero was very unwell during the final years of his life. “The thing about Lem is he wanted everyone to keep carrying on,” Crane tells the White Line Fever podcast. “I was able to, in 2012 and 2014 …. I kept finding myself in London and it was right when Motorhead would go tour. “So in [read on]

Choirboys hold talks with Quireboys about tour

March 12, 2018 // 0 Comments

AUSTRALIA’s Choirboys and Britain’s Quireboys have held talks about staging the most confusing double bill in rock. Quireboys guitarist Guy Griffin told the White Line Fever podcast two years ago: “Maybe we should do a double headline tour with the Choirboys! In Australia!” It’s an idea that Choirboys singer Mark Gable has since followed up upon. “I think Mark spoke to the keyboard player and I think it just kind of hit a brick wall,” bassist Ian Hulme told the same program recently. “…not through anything other than perhaps they’re just two guys who couldn’t get it together [read on]

Anvil unsure of what to do with sequel footage

March 11, 2018 // 0 Comments

ANVIL principal Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow says he is unsure what will become of footage shot for a sequel to the 2008 documentary Anvil! The story of Anvil. The band has continued to shoot behind-the-scenes material since the film, which was named best documentary at the 2009 Evening Standard Film Awards in London among many other plaudits. “Who knows? There’s no set plan,” Kudlow, 62, tells the White Line Fever podcast when asked about the fate of the footage. “It’s just ‘we will do this at some point’ and stuff like that. “I think what’s sustained it is we have been out and being visible and touring and still writing songs [read on]

Derek Sherinian: How I made Yngwie Malmsteen play on my solo album

February 13, 2018 // 0 Comments

YNGWIE Malmsteen never guests on other people’s records – but keyboards star Derek Sherinian says he broke him down with a deal the guitar whiz couldn’t refuse. And Son Of Apollo Sherinian says it was former KISS associate Gene Simmons who showed him how to do business. “I also hold the distinction that he’s played on two of my solo records – he does not to do guest appearances,” Sherinian told Sirius XM Volume in speaking about Malmsteen. “I was savvy enough, from learning from Gene, (to know) that everything is negotiable. “He wanted me to go do the tour and obviously he didn’t [read on]