This Video of Rammstein Covered on an Accordion and a Harp is Just What You Need

With Rammstein’s new album cycle now in full swing, there’s been no shortage of Rammstein-related memes, videos and other malarkey floating around the internet of late, the perfect distraction for anyone looking to avoid work, school or whatever meaningless tedium is occupying your day.

To wit: this medley of Rammstein covers on an accordion and a harp by the Ukrainian folk duo B&B Project. Tetiana Mazur handles the bandura (a Ukrainian string instrument, technically not a harp) while Sergii Shamrai mans the accordion as the duo works through several of Rammstein’s most popular songs, including the recently released “Deutschland.”  When I think of Rammstein I generally imagine pulsating beats, keyboard blips and bloops, staccato chugged guitars and Til Lindemann’s deep, throaty voice, not the dulcet tones of folk instruments… but hey, there are even lullaby versions of Rammstein songs now, so why not?

For more Rammstein shenanigans, make sure you don’t miss this most excellent mash-up of “Du Hast” and Wild Cherry’s “Play That Funky Music.”

Rammstein’s self-titled new album comes out on May 17th; pre-order it here.

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