Metal Hand-Farter Guy First Takes His Special Skill to Britain’s Got Talent

You’ve seen Guy First on this very website’s hallowed pages many times before. He’s the guy who has the special skill of, y’know, being able to fart along to any song using only his hands, having performed masterfully hand-farted versions of hits by MetallicaDragonforceIron MaidenSlayer and a whole lot of others. He’s even impressed members of GojiraIn Flames and Devin Townsend with his unique talent.

But metal is just the beginning for First, who has decided to take his gig to the international stage with an audition on Britain’s Got Talent, the long-running TV series that showcases performers of all kinds from all over the world. First appeared on the recently-aired second episode of Season 13, and his enrapturing performance was enough to land him a ticket to the next round. The audience and all the judges alike were quite amused, even the notoriously stone-faced Simon Cowell, who did everything he could to swallow his laughter before finally giving in (but blaming it on his son). Because FARTS ARE FUNNY, always and forever!!! And don’t you ever forget it.

Wishing Guy all the best in his run to the top!

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