Cult of Luna Release New Song “The Silent Man”

Cult of Luna have been teasing the arrival of new music for some time, and the moment has finally come: have a listen to a fresh Cult of Luna song called “The Silent Man.”

The older I get, the more I like this band. Have Cult of Luna taken a big leap forward over time or am I just more into post-metal than I used to be? Let’s just call it both.

But whatever the case, the ten-minute journey has all the hallmarks of a classic Cult of Luna song. Thunderous, booming riffs propel its first half, punctuated by Kristian Karlsson’s raspy vocal roar, before giving way to an almost Floydian “Echoes”-like atmospheric passage with reverb-soaked guitars and a Hammond organ. If you know Cult of Luna, you know what’s coming next: a slow build that lasts the duration of the rest of track, cranking up the intensity bit by bit. This time, though, the band coyly holds off from offering the full cathartic release you’d expect, taking you almost all the way there and then… not. Nice tease. I’m into it. It’s like the post-metal version of edging.

No information has been released yet for a new album, although the video’s description credits Metal Blade Records, a new move for the band after releasing records with Earache and Indie Recordings in the past.

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