Scars on Broadway’s “Lives” Came This Close to Being a System of a Down Song

System of a Down can’t get their shit together, which means that material the band members had written for SOAD is now being funneled into their other projects. Serj Tankian has already revealed that he’s using five songs he wrote for System on his new solo release instead. Now Daron Malakian tells Consequence of Sound that “Lives,” the opening track from Daron Malakian’s Scars on Broadway featuring Daron Malakian’s 2018 album Dictator, was originally a SOAD song… and that the band even rehearsed it a couple of times:

“Well, I’m the main writer for System of a Down, so when there’s talk about maybe making an album, a lot of that kind of comes down on my shoulders to produce that album. And so the ‘Dictator’ album along with a lot of other material that I have — I mean my writing works for System of a Down or Scars on Broadway. They both kind of have my style of writing there.

“So, I kind of waited to see what was happening with System of a Down, to see if we were going to do an album, we may need some of these songs. So, I just kind of held onto them. So yeah, I thought certain songs on ‘Dictator’ might’ve worked with System of a Down, and we actually rehearsed the opening track (“Lives”) live with System of a Down once or twice, thinking of releasing that as a System song, but we just never did.”

This news isn’t exactly shocking — “Lives” sounds like it could have come right off of the Mezmerize/Hyponotize set. Which probably explains why Serj Tankian rejected it.

[via Metal Injection]

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