Corey Taylor Shares an Up-Close Photo of His New Slipknot Mask

With tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones now out of the way, we can return to The Second Most Important Thing ever to grace the internet’s hallowed pages: Slipknot masks!!!

I don’t really care much about new Slipknot masks beyond the initial curiosity of the overall aesthetic, but y’all can’t seem to get enough: “new Slipknot mask” content always does well, and as you all know, we here at Metal$ucks care only about the click$!

So, that headline above — when we said “up close,” we meant it: this photo is zoomed waaaaay the frig in. Corey posted it on Instagram earlier today.

Taylor shared another tease of his new mask back in December. Since then we’ve learned that the band partnered with Tom Savini, famed film special effects technician, on their latest round of masks. Corey also posted some behind-the-scenes photos showing the creation process of his new head garb a couple of months ago.

Slipknot’s new album, which still doesn’t have an official title, comes out August 9. Catch the band on tour in the U.S., Europe and Australia (with Metallica) later this year.

Alright, here ya go, the mask close-up:

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A post shared by Corey Taylor (@coreytaylor) on


Like we said, super-exciting! Couldn’t tell you what we’re even looking at above… an eye? a stud of some kind? Corey’s belly button? But hey, who cares, NEW SLIPKNOT MASKS WOOOOOOOO!

Please feel free to download that image (this Instagram downloader tool is good), perform all sorts of Photoshop magic on it, then share it with all of us along with your best conspiracy theory. Go!

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