Listen: Periphery’s Spencer Sotelo Guests on PhaseOne’s New EDM Track “Digital”

Periphery’s Spencer Sotelo has a well-known passion for the dark arts of electronic music. His side project Endur was wholly electronic in nature, while another of his recent non-Periphery endeavors, Nik Mystery, was an all-out pop affair that leaned heavily on synthy goodness.

Sotelo has taken another step into the electronic realm with PhaseOne, a metalstep artist (the term is new to me, too… I’m old) on whose new track, “Digital,” Sotelo lends some guest vocals. The difference between this track and the aforementioned two projects is that “Digital” is still goes hard, both in the way metalheads would interpret that term — gigantic, chugged guitars — and in the general sense that these electronic tones and beats are just really fucking heavy. You’ll know Spencer’s voice when you hear it — not sure who does the screamed vocals in the track’s first minute, but I’m pretty sure it’s not Spencer — and he does a fine job making this song exactly what it needs to be: catchy as fuck!

PhaseOne’s new album Transcendency comes out on April 17th through Disciple; pre-save it on Spotify here. The album also features tracks with Northlane and Thy Art is Murder’s CJ McMahon.

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