Thank You Scientist Unveil New Video “FXMLDR” with 120-Piece Drum Line

Prog rock band Thank You Scientist, already known for their prominent use of horns (the band’s core lineup has full time saxophone and trumpet players), have teamed up with a 120-person drum line for the music video of their new song “FXMLDR” (“Fox Mulder” with the vowels removed, a tribute the legendary X-Files lead portrayed by David Duchovny). In case you’re not aware, a drum line doesn’t consist of just drummers, as its name would imply; there’s allll sorts of horns too as you’ll see when you watch the video, which was filmed live, meaning the audio you hear isn’t what’s on the studio album. Explains guitarist Tom Monder to Prog:

“The Bluecoats are one of the world champion drum corps. They wanted to play a bunch of our music for their touring season last year so we developed this relationship with them. We knew we wanted to do some kind of future collaboration with them because we loved what they did with our music. The stars aligned because they happened to be touring through our area so I worked with an arranger to get this crazy new tune ready and arranged for 120 eager Bluecoats. We had one run-through in the field before we recorded it and then we did it. It was a lot of fun. When you’re recording on solar power, what you don’t realise is that you have a limited amount of time before you run out of juice, so it was a frantic operation!”

Thank You Scientist will release Terraformer through Evil Ink Records on June 14; pre-order here.

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