Mastodon’s Third Crack the Skye Documentary Episode Focuses on Death of Brann Dailor’s Sister

The third episode of Mastodon’s tenth anniversary documentary on Crack the Skye is out now, and boy, you are really missing out if you’re not watching these (catch up on episode 1 and episode 2). This latest entry focuses on lyrical themes on the album, in particular the death of drummer Brann Dailor’s sister, Skye, who took her own life when she was just 14 years old (Brann was 15 at the time).

Interviews and studio footage from the recording sessions of Crack the Skye are cut in with newer clips of the band members reflecting on the emotional nature of the material and their friendship with Brann, who himself speaks very candidly here about what putting his personal trauma out into the world meant to him. Scott Kelly from Neurosis, who lent vocals to the title track, also appears in this clip (both past and present) to talk about his approach to recording, where he insisted on having a photo of Skye in the vocal booth with him. This is a heavy one, for sure.

Mastodon will perform Crack the Skye in full on their upcoming tour with Coheed & Cambria, for which we’re giving away tickets to every stop; get dates and enter here.

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