Hear One of Oli Herbert’s Final Recordings, a Cover of Eurythmics’ “Here Comes the Rain Again”

All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert, who died this past fall, was a prolific songwriter and guitarist who lent his talents to many. While unreleased recordings of his are sure to surface for years to come, one made its way online this past weekend that’s pulling acutely at our heartstrings this morning, an acoustic rendition of the classic Eurythmics tune “Here Comes the Rain Again.”

The track was recorded by Moroni Silva of the band A Dead Desire and features Herbert on guitar. Moroni tells MetalSucks, “Oli was a good friend and wanted to release the song at the start of the rain season, so it was released on the New Moon of the 5th of this month and dedicated to him.” The vocals on the track are Moroni’s, who finished up the recording after Oli’s passing. “I loved the way he did the guitar and when we added the cello and vocals, he couldn’t wait to release it,” Moroni adds. “It was his idea to do the cover song when we jammed together in Vegas,” referring to a performance at the 2017 Rock Radio Convention and Awards at which A Dead Desire opened for All That Remains.

Listen to the cover below, a stunningly beautiful rendition of a song that was already perfect. It’s a great example of how good covers walk the fine line between staying true to the original and taking liberties with the arrangement.

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