HELIX completes recording of new album ‘Old School’

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Brian Vollmer of Helix had the following to say about the bands upcoming release "Old School" :Next week we go into "mix mode" on the new Helix album OLD SCHOOL. I must say, .Daryl has done a great job recording the tracks and playing/singing his parts, as have Kaleb & Chris. Former Helix guitarist Brent Doerner executed all the artwork and blew everyone away (as usual).
I should also mention here that this album is being dedicated to Paul Hackman. Paul and I wrote most of these songs and he plays on 2 of them here: Games Mother Never Taught You and Your Turn to Cry. He was an underestimated guitar player (what feel!) and an even better song writer. I once heard someone say that when Paul died so did the sound of the band. I don’t think that’s a 100% true, but we certainly lost a lot when we lost him. Who knows what we’d sound like in 2019 if he was still around or what songs we’d be writing-that’s all hypothetical conjecture-but this album going to be a nice flashback for fans, as none of these songs have ever been released before.
I should also mention here that I talked to Greg Campbell of Merch in Motion yesterday and he tells me that advance orders have taken all the product I had planned to give him. In other words, we’re sold out of the 3 pack deal. (Old School/Breaking Loose/White Lace & Black Leather) I had 100 un.its of each of these titles. What this means is that I will have to get more pressed-a good thing.

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