Update on Denner/ Shermann Future Plans- Singer Sean Peck

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For The Metal Voice Nick H caught up with The Three Tremors at The Token Lounge on March 9 2019 and did a full metal report on the band talking about their new album, their live show, their next steps and what the members are up to outside of The Three Tremors.Watch here
THE THREE TREMORS, the project featuring acclaimed heavy metal singers Tim "The Ripper" Owens (JUDAS PRIEST, ICED EARTH, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN), Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin (JAG PANZER) and Sean "The Hell Destroyer" Peck (CAGE, DEATH DEALER, DENNER/SHERMANN). THE THREE TREMORS’ self-titled debut LP was released on January 18. When asked the idea behind the band "We decided to do it because there was a lot of mystery and intrigue behind the original idea and us as metal fans we were deprived of something that could have been awesome. It was obvious Geoff Tate, Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford were not going to do it, so we decided we are going to fulfill the prophecy. I was not going to be a project, it was going to be a live band playing our own songs. " Sean Peck

When asked about the Trinity project with Blaze Bayley, Tim Owens and Geoff Tate comparing to the The Three Tremors "We did that one song for Geoff Tate’s record but there were no plans to do an album. Maybe Geoff Tate’s original idea was to do a full album with the Trinity I don’t know. We did that Trinity tour and we had a lot of fun and we all got along really. The difference between The Three Tremors and The Trinity is that this is our own material." Tim OwensWhen asked about any news plans for The Three Tremors "We will be releasing the debut album with all three singers singing singing by themselves of the debut CD. We also already have three killer pieces of artwork for all three solo albums. It will probably be a 3 cd set as one package and maybe throw in a new original song or two as well. Once we finish up on our North American tour we will begin work on the Second three Tremors album." Sean PeckWhen asked if they knew about the group the 3 T’s (Michael Jackson nephew’s band) "I never seen that, never heard of that." Sean Peck "I am completed surprised, under the radar, Harry Conklin

When asked Sean Peck if there will be a new studio Denner/Shermann Album "Michael Denner 100% wants to do another record and Hank Shermann is getting ready to launch a solo album but he likes to be focused on one thing at a time but we will get Hank to come around somehow. We had a lot of music left over from the first two releases and I have been compiling stuff and I am going to do everything in my power to make it happen." SeanWhen asked being invited to sing on multiple projects and bands "I get asked a lot to sing on other people’s records, more than people can imagine and I enjoy doing it, it’s nice to be in demand to do these things. In a perfect world it would nice to be in one band but I have to make a living and the only way to make a living is to be really busy, music is my job." Tim Owens When asked about his thoughts of KK Downing recent statement saying Tim is a better singer than Rob Halford "I don’t agree, but it is flattering. I was in top form when I was in Judas Priest I’ll take it as a compliment." Tim OwensWhen asked about re-recording Judas Priest Jugulator and Demolition albums "I do play almost all of the Jugulator CD live, I can record it live so maybe, or maybe record my favorite songs off of each record and put them out. I’m not for sure yet." Tim OwensWhen asked about his thoughts on Blaze Bayley albums with Iron Maiden "I think they are great records and I love them,it’s funny cause years later we have become friends, I love those albums." Tim Owens
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