Motley Crue “devoid of ethics and morality”

ALAN Niven, the Kiwi famous for managing Guns N’Roses, has quoted A&R guru Tom Zutaut – a key character in The Dirt – describing Motley Crue as “truly devoid of ethics and morality”.

Niven recounted a conversation with his longtime friend on the latest episode of Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon, on which Zutaut also appears. Zutaut is played by Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson in The hit Netflix film about Motley Crue

“We should let Tom speak for himself but he once said to me, not too long ago, that of all the bands he dealt with – and there are a lot – he said that Motley were the ones that were truly devoid of ethics and morality,” Niven says at the start of the show.

Zutaut, however, was not asked about the quote when he was interviewed by Niven and Lafon. The introduction may have been recorded later.

But Zutaut did reveal Crue singer Vince Neil fell out with producer Tom Werman over Werman drinking in the studio and gave his initial reaction when Neil crashed his sports car killing Hanoi Rocks drummer Razzle in 1984.

Zutaut said: “I think we all pretty much thought it was going to be over and it was Doc (McGhee, manager) who said ‘we’ll get through it’.

“He pretty much had a plan.”

Hear the podcast HERE

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