Drummer gets tattoo of … a kebab wrapper

ROCKERS have been known to get some pretty weird tattoos but Andy Nielsen, drummer of Aussie outfit The Lazys, has taken the cake.

Actually, make that the kebab. He’s taken the kebab.

While preparing to perform on German TV last week, Andy wandered into The Good Old Times Tattoo in Berlin and askedartist Sebastian Aurich to ink a “piece” on an arm inspired by a doner wrapper.

The chef depicted in the time-honoured design, usually dismissed by intoxicated revelers more concerned with the wrapper’s ability to soak up grease, has been turned into a demon.

And above the shish is in the inscription timeless inscription Tod Durch Doner – Death By Doner.

“Doner kebabs man, I can’t get enough of those,” Nielsen explained to (see video below).

“I can’t find them anywhere else except Germany so I just make sure I load up on them when I’m here and then just go home fat and probably die.”

Guitarist Matty Morris adds: “He eats one a day, man. I’m not joking.”

And singer Liam Harrison contributes: “He had his own and I didn’t want the rest of mine so he had mine, he had one and a half.”

Last year’s Tropical Hazards was Hot Metal’s Album of 2018. The band, now based in Canada, are having a break after an arduous European Tour.

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