Chelsea Wolfe and Chino Moreno Collaborate on New Saudade Track “Shadows & Light”

One can be forgiven for not being able to keep track of all of Chino Moreno’s musical projects. There’s Deftones, duh, but between Crosses, Team Sleep and Palms, who can remember which one is which? Generally I’ll give my click to any piece of music that says “Chino Moreno” on it, so the decision is easy enough for me… and it’s always a worthwhile listen.

And then there’s Saudade, the outfit helmed by Chuck Doom, but which also features Moreno as a regular collaborator (and to make matters even more complicated, the duo works together in Crosses, too!). Moreno sings on Saudade’s new track “Shadows & Light,” but his is more of a backup role — the spotlight here is on Chelsea Wolfe, whose haunting, smooth voice is a welcome addition to any piece of music (she could sing over Portal and it’d still be great). “Shadows & Light” is more or less in line with much of Wolfe’s solo material — moody, dark, sludgy, melancholy — but somehow seems a bit more sonically abrasive, and I mean that in a good way. The violin certainly helps, guiding the song to a violent crescendo before closing out its four-minute run time.

Check it out below. The track appears to be a standalone single for now, with no album release announced.

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