Brutus’s New Jam “Cemetery:” You’re Headbanging

You guys, I fucked up. You see, a couple of summers ago OG MetalSucks reader Metal Mykee talked my ear off late one night at Saint Vitus about some band called Brutus and their recently released album Burst. One of his favorite albums of the year, he said. Great to just put on and rock out, he boasted. You should listen to it, he recommended.

Like a fool, I promptly forgot about that conversation entirely. Then, a year and a half later (two weeks ago), I posted this article about Brutus’s hella impressive new single and video, “War,” and Mykee emailed me being all like “DUDE, WHAT THE FUCK.”

I’m sorry, man! No excuses! But at least I’m with it now, right?

So: Brutus just dropped another single called “Cemetery,” and it’s just as much of a banger. This one’s more upbeat than the previous single with an almost Kvelertakian vibe that keeps the pace jiving and jetting, and singer Stefanie Mannearts’ propulsive voice is once again the focal point. Your head is bopping and your toes are tapping, I guarantee.

Brutus’s new album Nest comes out March 29th via Sargent House; pre-order here. Thou bassist Mitch Wells directed the video for “Cemetery.”

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