This Distortion Pedal is Selling for Over $7,000

Would you spend more than $7,000 on a distortion pedal to achieve the sickest tone known to man?

That’s what the seller of this Boss DS-1 pedal currently up for sale on Reverb is hoping, minus the “sick tone” part. On the inside it’s just a regular old, garden variety DS-1 Distortion unit, but on the outside it’s extra special, one of only six such gold-embossed units manufactured in 1998 to celebrate six million Boss pedals shipped worldwide.

The best part of the Reverb listing is, by far, this shiny nugget: “I bought this pedal some years ago from a guy,” the seller asserts, before claiming he didn’t know quite what he was getting at the time. A guy! Ain’t that always the story.

Here’s the full description:

”This super-special-version DS-1 has a visual impact,with a dazzling gold finnish. This commemorative model celebrates the achievement of six million BOSS compact effects shipped worldwide, and was produced in a special limited edition in February 1998. Among ordinary users, there’s probably no one who has actually seen the real article. That’s as it should be because this DS-1 is the rarest of the rare, and was only presented to overseas joint venture firms, in honor of their great contribution to BOSS sales. In general, replicas of this model often lack the function of the original, but the insides of this DS-1 are exactly the same as the original.  In other words, if you plug in a guitar, it’ll give you distortion. The inscriptions on the input and output jack also enhance the box’s elegance.’

“I do not own the original box.
I don’t even know if it ever had one.

“I bought this pedal some years ago from a guy, without knowing what a special item this pedal is. Only recently I came about to find that this pedal is a special collector sought after one.

“If you do have any more questions or need any more photos please feel free to ask.”

If you feel like spending more than $7,000 on a fancy shelf ornament, you can do so here. The price is currently set at $7,033.05, but hey, there’s free shipping!

[via Ultimate Guitar]

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