Quiet Advice – “Liar” (Official Video)

Ukrainian alternative metal band called Quiet Advice releases their debut music video. “Liar” is the first single that was released on the 19th of September last year. The song held first place on the SoundCloud Top Hot & New Alternative Rock chart for the whole week.

Frontman Oleksandr Nos reveals the issue with finding a common language between people. His words describe the spiritual experiences and his attitude to the people around him. It’s worth noting the cover of the single; its style lives within the official video for the song.

“A long time before Quiet Advice, this idea for visual representation came to my mind. You can find beautiful lines, curves and even some vision in it. I wonder how we musicians can work with painters to come up with something beautiful? You can interpret it however you like, and it will be your personal vision of the painting. It’s like lyrics, you know. Everyone hears the same words but you can hear them with your own context and experience so you can relate to this song. I think this is the beauty of art.”

Drummer Vlad Olefir comments:

”We are very happy to win’s tournament. To be honest, I could not believe the news. There were so many cool bands we were competing with. It was a sign to come up with something new after the tournament, so we decided to film an official video for ‘Liar.’ I felt it’s something we lack. Now we are working on our first EP which will consist of five songs. One of them will be sung in Ukrainian.”

The debut EP will be released later this year.

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