Inter Arma Release Crushing New Track “Citadel”

I’ve had a promo copy of Inter Arma’s upcoming album Sulphur English for a couple of weeks now, and upon first listen there was one track in particular that made me stop what I was doing, check the tracklist, and take note. That track was “Citadel,” third on the album, and now Inter Arma have released it as the album’s first single.

And WOOF, this thing is fucking heavy. If your favorite elements of Inter Arma’s music on past albums were those moments where they slowed things down to an elephants marching pace while piling layer upon layer of brutality, then you — like me — will be very, very happy with “Citadel.” It’s got that Morbid Angel / Gojira feel of deliberate disgustingness about it, but done up in that uniquely Inter Arma way that makes it sound even slimier and grimier. There’s also a guitar solo featuring what I assume are contributions from both of the band’s axe-slingers — Steven Russell and Trey Dalton — that gives each member their moment to shine then brings both together in a glorious crescendo of twin lead madness.

In short: it’s fucking glorious. You’re moshing.

Sulphur English comes out April 12th on Relapse; pre-order here

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