Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri Slams the Static-X Reunion: “It’s Very Obvious It’s a Cash Grab”

Today is a very special occasion: it is the incredibly rare instance of Frankie Palmeri saying something with which I agree.

See, while I admit I was never much for Static-X, the recent news of the surviving original members’ upcoming reunion struck me as being, well… weird. And not just because their most famous member passed away in 2014 — but because none of the other band members were on good terms with Wayne Static when he died.

And you know who else thought the reunion was weird? Mr. Palmeri! The Emmure frontman and avowed nu-metal aficionado recently said this to the BREWtally Speaking Podcast:

“If you were to ask me my feelings on the whole idea of them touring without Wayne… I think it’s just crazy. There must be some really bad blood for them to wanna do that.”

Palmeri elaborated, discussing the 2015 Wayne Static memorial concert:

“There was no one from the band there. No one that was a part of Static-X was at his memorial show. There’s no way there was any closure there. So I think that doing the tour and the album without him is just a huge ‘fuck you’ to him probably. That’s what it feels like. It’s very obvious it’s a cash grab, but you can’t get mad at that. It just is what it is.”

Sorry, did Mr. “I’d Use the End of the World as an Excuse to Enact Revenge Against My Enemies, Since Law Enforcement Else Would Be All Distracted N’ Shit” just say  you can’t get made about something? Wow. Maturity comes for us all sooner or later, I guess.

ANYWAY, as I said at the top of this post, I think Palmeri’s assessment is accurate. Well, mostly accurate. I do think you can choose to be mad about the reunion calling itself a tribute to Wayne if it’s actually a “fuck you” to Wayne, because it’s using an insincere message to solicit money from fans. But otherwise, yeah, I think Frankie is on the money here.

Unfortunately, Palmeri also used this interview as an opportunity to reveal he’s working on a solo EP:

“I’m trying to put together an EP or some kind of album… It’s like a hip hop meets industrial and some electronic stuff. I’m connected to a lot of talented people, so I’m gonna try and put something together right now so I can have a new project going by 2020.”

Well, that sounds horrible. It probably will be horrible! Also, how the heck is Emmure not already a solo project when Frankie is the only consistent member? Look, let’s just call this interview “One step forward, two steps back” for good ol’ Frank-o-rino, okay?

[via The PRP]

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