New Mötley Crüe Music to Feature The Dirt Star Machine Gun Kelly

Have high hopes for the quality of Mötley Crüe’s new music, do ya?


Nikki Sixx has revealed some intel on the Crüe’s new jams, which they recorded for the upcoming movie version of The Dirt, and while some of it sounds promising enough (Sixx describes the music as “Heavy Crüe”), some of it sounds, uh, less-than-promising. Specifically, the fact that the first single will be some kind of duet between regular Crüe frontman Vince Neil and rapper Machine Gun Kelly, who plays Tommy Lee in the movie, and whose music sounds like this:

And, hey, maybe you think that song is a perfectly catchy pop ditty. Fair enough. But y’know what happens whenever Mötley Crüe try to be trendy? Like when they wrote a song with the dudes from Simple Plan…

…or tried to make a moody grunge album?

Do you? Do you wanna bleed?

So. Yeah. Not super-promising to hear they’ve enlisted the aid of a dude who wasn’t born when Dr. Feelgood came out and generally works in a completely different genre of music from M.C.

But, hey. I could be wrong. Maybe. Come to think of it, Mötley Crüe haven’t really recorded anything good since the John Corabi era, so this new stuff was probably always gonna be disappointing at best. Like New Tattoo.

The Dirt hits Netflix on March 22, so we should see a trailer any day now. The flick was directed by Jeff Tremaine (Jackass). In addition to Kelly, it Douglas Booth (Jupiter Ascendingas Nikki Sixx, Daniel Webber (The Punisher) as Vince Neil, Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones) as Mick Mars, and Tony Cavalero (School of Rock) as Ozzy Osbourne.

[via Classic Rock]

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