Dream Theater Release New Song and Video “Paralyzed”

Dream Theater have unveiled what they’re calling the “first single” from their upcoming album Distance Over Time (despite having already released a song from the album called “Fall into the Light“) along with a nifty music video.

The video, directed by Wayne Joyner, goes all-in on CGI animation, expanding on the robot theme from the album’s cover artwork (which The New York Times infamously ripped off). The song is a classic DT single, a mid-tempo number that checks all the boxes of things you’d expect from a Dream Theater song in a mere four minutes.

I really like the mix here — the drums sound massive and the guitars have that signature John Petrucci bite — which comes from Ben Grosse, who is mostly known for his work in the active rock world. As for my opinion on the song as a whole, I’m not sure yet… check with me again once I’ve listened a couple more times.

Petrucci was succinct in his description of the themes in the song and video:

“The song is an introspective reflection on the negative impact that being obstinate or single-minded can have on important relationships.”

Touchè, I suppose.

Distance Over Time comes out on February 22nd and is available for pre-order here. The band will head out on tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Scenes From a Memory this spring.

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