At the Sun Leave Before the Light album review.



At the Sun Leave Before the Light album review.

At the Sun are five London rockers, Harry Dale vocals, Chet Jogia lead guitar, Kieron Heavens rhythm guitar, Alex Mathews bass, and Craig Steen drums. they are just about to unleash their debut album on the world on the 8th of March, twelve songs to delight everyone’s palette, I would describe them as hard and heavy rockers with a taste of the blues.1. Only a Fool. Nice groovy guitar riff with heavy beating drums intro before the impressive vocals of Harry hit you and straightaway, you’re moving to the beat of this number: a nice start to any album.

2. Preacher. A mix of Black Stone Cherry laced with Royal Blood: a great cocktail for anyone to get their lips around or in this case ears, nice blues vibe and heavy bass line this would be a great number to hear played live.

3. Breathe. This is to be their debut single from the album and once again a nice guitar intro, much faster rockier number, real rock and roll which shows off both of the guitarists talents: one to get the headbanging and a big favourite of mine.

4. Walk on Over. A real sleazy number next with a Royal Blood vibe to it, but also a great piece of dirty blues guitar playing along with the excellent drums and bass; anyone who likes their delta blues will love this.

5. Lay It on Me. Great 70s feel to this and a chance for Harry to impress again with his vocals, terrific guitar solo to keep the metalheads happy and a handclapping chorus.

6. Lifetime. A bit of falsetto this time from Harry, who has a great range in his voice: another favourite of mine this is a real toe tapper, with a bit of a Who vibe to it; the dual guitar work and the whole feel to this will satisfy any young or old rockers appetite.

7. Devil in Your Eyes. A bass driven track where I can see the hands clapping when they play it live, and also shows the versatility of the band great work by all of them, a blues rock number with a great chorus and another blistering solo.

8. Bite Your Tongue. Another bluesy number and I defy you to stay still listening to this: it won’t be long before you are singing along too. A great Alterbridge feel, the middle eight will have the crowd going wild live.

9. Indestructible. I said this band were versatile, well with this track a much moodier number but still performed with such feeling and musicianship will show you how much, a lovely ballad to slow things down.

10. Renegade. Back to the hard and heavy numbers these guys do so well, I love some of the infectious riffs they have on this album and another one here, I’m hearing a little old school Sabbath, and also seeing more clapping coming from the crowd when it’s played live.

11. Soak it Up. The penultimate track, and a real rocker, lots of influences here, I’ll let you decide who they are so many, and played with real attitude.

12. Raise your Glass. Ending the album with a blues rock number with another great riff and great hypnotic guitars and drum sound followed by a solo to keep everyone happy even a whooooa ending for you to join in on.

I look forward to seeing A.T.S playing live and if this album is anything to go by the audience are in for a special night.

Review by Dave Martin, for Jace Media.

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