Daughter Chaos’ New Single “Intergalactic”: Metal or String Quartet?

Daughter Chaos, a five-piece ensemble created by ex-members of Armageddon and Arch Enemy, have released their second single today, “Intergalactic.” While Armageddon remain on hiatus, this new band will satiate any fan’s cravings. If you missed their first self-titled single, “Daughter Chaos” you’re in for a wild ride on the metal pony.

With the help of Christopher Amott (ex-Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquility) we expected nothing less. The song came in fervently from the beginning and gripped me with its quick tempos, flowing melodies, and vocals that made me want to punch the person closest to me. The track makes me feel like I should jump into a grandiose and aggressive intergalactic battle, alien cyclops heads in hand. The juxtaposition of Antony Hämäläinen’s boisterous and jarring vocals harmoniously co-exist with other elements in “Intergalactic.” The band’s swift riffs that glide around the fret board and drums that complement their balanced melodies have me wondering wether I should jump into a mosh pit or conduct a metal string quartet.

With four former members of Armageddon, this new Swedish death metal group is cutting through the bullshit and bringing us back to the genre’s roots, with unapologetic orchestrated aggression and melodies. The band’s forthcoming album will feature material intended for the next Armageddon album, alongside brand new songs, with details about that release forthcoming. Give their new single a listen below.

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