Massive: Rebuild Destroy Album Review



Massive: Rebuild Destroy Album Review

Massive, the hard and heavy rock and rollers from Australia have just signed a new five-year contract with Off Yer Rocka recordings, coinciding with this is the release of their long awaited third studio album now available for pre orders and due for release on February the 1st.

The band, Brad Marr Lead Vocals Guitar, Ben Laguda Lead Guitar Backing Vocals, Alex Carmichael guitar, and Andrew Greentree drums, describe Rebuild Destroy as their most kick ass album to date and after hearing it I certainly agree, eleven tracks of blistering hard and heavy rock

Starting with Generation Riot: a headbangers dream, fast guitar and drums throughout this track with a wonderful anthemic feel with a yea yea chorus for all the fans to join in with when its played live. “Not here to start a riot, but you can’t keep us quiet” brilliant.

Long time Coming. A real old school rock and roll number; bit of a Status Quo boogie feel to it.

What You Gonna Do. I love the punk rock vibe to this, sang with real attitude with great dual guitars. I’ll tell you what you’re gonna do? You’re gonna go bat shit crazy to this number.

A real change in direction here for Bullet and also showing the versatility of the band: a country blues number that’s up there with the best of them.

Roses, which I understand is going to be the single taken from this album: It has infectious riffs, great vocals, hard and heavy tub thumping, what more could you ask for.

I mentioned versatile? well Face in The Crowd is a beautiful blues ballad and shows that Brad not only has the chops for the fast-heavy numbers, he has real a sweet voice when he needs to.

Obviously there has to be an AC/DC type track with the band coming from Australia and why not? Over and Out is just that, an Angus type intro and Brad sounding very like Bon at times, (and yes man that is a compliment,) a great rocking number that will get your feet tapping as well as your head banging.

Pieces: Another sixties old school rock and roll number which this band play so well; great drumming from Andrew keeping the vibe going all the way through.

Wrecking Crew: another Punkish number and my personal favourite, great bass intro followed by another infectious riff and then Brad and the guys just let rip; I can see the fans going wild to this, pogoing and jumping around and hand clapping along, awesome number.

Gettin Heavy With the sound of people drinking in a bar in the background, what starts off as a country blues track, soon turns into an in your face, grab you by the balls rock and roll number. With the anthem Gettin Heavy being sung throughout, I can see this being another live crowd favourite.

To finish the album another wonderful ballad with a country feel, A Mile in My Shoes with powerful vocals from Brad along with some falsetto, too clever work from Ben and Andrew in the bridge, it’s just a brilliant track and another contender for a single I feel.

Review by Dave Martin

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