Ian Moss reveals medical condition that “could easily have been fatal”

AUSTRALIAN rock icon Ian Moss has revealed he overcame a condition that “could easily have been fatal” but for drugs that have only recently become publicly available.

Speaking on the White Line Fever podcast, 63-year-old Moss pondered mortality as he discussed the 2017 death of fellow Australian guitarist, AC/DC’s Malcolm Young.

“You think about mortality,” Moss said.

“I’ve faced a thing myself that could easily have been fatal and it was just lucked out one more time with with medication that came on the market when they’d been hunting down for about 40 years.

“I’ll keep that quiet as to what it is, what it’s all about.

“So yeah, it makes you think about all that.

“I definitely consider these things. I’m not getting any younger and I’m probably a typical bloke in that the pills you’ve got to take to deal with this and that is starting to get on the rise.”

Moss said a tragedy in his family had also recently reminded him of the fragility of life.

“Also, my beautiful niece married her boyfriend in the south of Italy … eight months to the day (later), he died of lung cancer.” Moss recounted.

“Unfortunately I’d have to suggest Malcolm might have been a smoker. The message is forget it, just don’t smoke.”

Moss released a self-titled solo album last year; Cold Chisel’s most recent effort was 2015’s The Perfect Crime. Original drummer Steve Prestwich died of a brain tumour in 2011.

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