Countdown- Number 4 Stryper- Best Metal Albums of 2018

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Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon count down the Top metal albums in 2018 from albums 5 to 1 in part 2. Watch and see who takes home the GREAT WALNUT PLUS see which albums Neil Turbin, Giles Lavery, David Reece and Milwaukee Tom picked as their top albums of 2018
Number 4 Jimmy- U.D.O. Steelfactory
Number 4 Alan – Stryper God Damm Evil
Number 5 Jimmy- Blaze Bayley The Redemption of William Black
Number 5 Alan – W.E.T. Earthrage
Number 6 Jimmy- David Reece- Resilient Heart
Number 6 Alan- Primal Fear- Apocalypse
Number 7 Jimmy- Ashes of Ares-Well of Souls
Number 7 Alan- Dee Snider- for the Love of Metal
Number 8 Jimmy- Riot V Armour of Light
Number 8 Alan-Voodoo Circle- Raised on Rock
Number 9 Jimmy- Ross The Boss- By Blood Sworn
Number 9 Alan-Striker- Play to Win
Number 10 Jimmy- Anvil- Pounding the Pavement
Number 10 Alan- Halcyon Way- Bloody but Unbowed
Watch here
Top 10 Best Metal Albums of 2018- Part 1 (Albums 10 to 6)- The Metal
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