All That Shreds Magazines Year In Review For 2018

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By Andrew Catania

Two thousand eighteen has been a fantastic year for heavy metal with strong releases.  With everyone from Jason Becker to the original Dokken releasing new material, 2019 looks to be even stronger.

When I started All That Shreds, I had the toxicity of a few people telling me I’m wasting my time interviewing “washed up” musicians.  Three years later our growth has exploded making us a positively talked about site amongst guitarists

I’m very proud to say that we’ve featured guitarists and bands that wouldn’t get coverage elsewhere.  Back over the summer when the gasbag Eddie Trunk told me that “shred” type guitarists aren’t really marketable, we took him to task on that and ran a 30-day campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram  showing that “shred” guitarists do have a strong market and because he only features his friends on his program, you guys filled up his mailbox to make sure he knew shred has a market!  It was an unbelievable response!

Part of that conversation with Trunk was why doesn’t he play artists lie Impellitteri.  That’s when he gave me artists like that have no market.  That’s funny,  Impellitteri’s The Nature of the Beast is All That Shreds Album of the year, and Chris Impellitteri is our Guitarist of the Year.  I’m proud to have heightened the awareness of Impellitteri and their music.  I want to thank Guitar World for interviewing Chris for the first time in 30 years.

What’s in store for 2019?  Courtney Cox should be releasing her EP.  The ladies from Burning Witches have put out a strong album out.  Will we see them tour the US?  Will Impellitteri tour the US? Will Jeff Loomis finally release his solo album?

I want to thank all of the musicians for allowing us time to speak with them.

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