@Ironmaiden on @reddit My boss just gave me box seat tix to LotB 2019 as a holiday bonus!!!

My boss just gave me box seat tix to LotB 2019 as a holiday bonus!!!

I've been with my company since its first year, and we've steadily grown since then. With a few longtime coworkers leaving recently, I am at the top of the seniority totem pole. The owner is a sweet guy and always generous around the holidays. So today he casually asks me if I like Iron Maiden. He knows I do. I have asked for time off to go see them and have a Maiden tattoo. I said "Yeah, why?". His face lights up like a Christmas tree and he says "Because you're going to see them next year!!!" BOX SEATS! I have never had any but the cheapest or second-cheapest seats to any concert ever! I kept telling him how much it meant to me, but I don't think a non-Maiden fan can fully grasp the enormity of my excitement. This is one of the best gifts I've ever gotten.

People who have seen LotB: how does it stack up against other recent tours? What can I expect / look forward to?

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