Darwin, Origin of The Species, Album Review



Darwin, Origin of The Species, Album Review

For the fans of concept albums such as Jeff Wayne’s War of The Worlds or, Geoff Tate’s Operation Mind Crime, or ones that just take you on a journey, then this is a must have for you. Welcome to the world of Darwin: an ambitious epic musical fantasy concept with a single Escape the Maze recently released to whet people’s appetites for the album.

It tells the story of the not too distant future where earth devastated by war and pressures of climate change have caused havoc, and a man Darwin awakes from a weird experience and begins a journey to discover new civilisations and also more about himself. I won’t give any more away as the album tells the story itself as you emerge yourself into this clever imaginative world. It is the brainchild of the legendary drummer and producer Simon Phillips, who engineered, mixed and did the huge production on the album, assisted by Matt Bissonnette vocals and bass, Darwin guitars, and Jeff Babco piano, something this huge couldn’t work without orchestras, and there are three here: The Origin Of Species quartet, The Reykjavik String Quartet, and the Chamber Orchestra Of London with Conductor Matt Dunkley. Along with lots of guest musicians, this album has something for everyone. Apart from awesome vocals it has big theatre production numbers, beautiful harmonies, blues, funk, pop ballads, aor, prog and for the metalheads plenty of excellent shredding, guitar solos and heavy bass lines.

I mentioned the theatre and this album definitely has a theatre feel to it as it progresses, and I can definitely see it being performed on a big stage and entertaining the audience with its wonderful musicianship and diversity. Simon has done an incredible job here, creating a future that might not be too far from the truth if we are not careful about how we live our lives, and it is not only a brilliantly entertaining piece of work but it could also be a big wake-up call for many of us. There are seventeen tracks on this album, each one telling the story in its own clever way.

The album will also come with a stunning graphic novel telling the story visually as you listen and enjoy the world of DARWIN.

Track listing.

1.Artificial, 2. Cosmic Rays, 3. Escape the Maze, 4. For Humanity, 5. Forever. 6. Gummy Bear, 7. Just One More Time, 8. Life Is A Mystery. 9. Modern Insanity, 10. One Horizon, 11. Prologue – For Humanity, 12. Rise, 13. Slowly Melting, 14. Taking Chances, 15, The Last Chance, 16. Walk Away from Earth, 17. War Against My Mind.

Review by Dave Martin, for Jace Media.

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