@Ironmaiden on @reddit Favorite Blaze Bayley tracks?

Favorite Blaze Bayley tracks?

Full disclosure, I've only been into Maiden for about 4 months, but the love built quickly and is intense. I'm seeing them in Philly this summer, Maiden FC shirt and all.

I've listened to all major releases with Bruce several times at this point, and some EPs, but I've mostly skipped over the Blaze Bayley albums. This is because I heard "The Angel and the Gambler" and thought to myself, "if I want to listen to Pete Townsend's B-sides, I'm not gonna do so under the pretense that I'm listening to Maiden." Seriously, I mean no offense if you like the song, but that was my honest impression of it (different strokes for different folks).

So I've started listening to the Blaze albums and they aren't all bad… Huge "Clansman" fan. "Sign of the Cross" is pretty good too.

What're y'alls favorite Blaze Bayley tracks?

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