Gin Annie 100% Proof, Album Review.



Gin Annie 100% Proof, Album Review.

Gin Annie are a five piece from Wolverhampton and the brainchild of cousins Dave Foster/ lead vocals, and Byron Garbett /guitars vocals, together with Brian Green / guitar vocals, Phill (Hammer) Burrows bass, and Jack Ryland-Smith drums. This is their debut album. Ten tracks which showcase their influences and their individuality.

Love Aint Here, A fast machine-gun drum solo intro, then the bass guitars and vocals take you on a Rock n roll ride: a great start to any album; fast furious, but also melodic with a nice vocal.

Dead and Gone, A real southern boogie feel to this and the lyric “The ol me is dead and is never coming back” conjures up many connotations, great dual guitar work and the bass and drums kick up a real frenzy.

Chains, Beautiful harmonies, a big heavy meaty riff laden tune. More southern rock to whet your appetite and will get the crowds clapping along live.

Two real sleazy numbers next starting with New Bad Habit, think Skid Row and Poison, down and dirty lyrics, great hooks, and riffage with a huge chorus.

Followed by an even sleazier track Next 2 Me. With enough bass drums and riffage to keep any die hard metalhead happy, brilliant use of echo, and great time changes throughout to let the story tell itself, a great song with a real anthemic chorus.

A different feel to the next track Damage: a GNR vibe with great vocals from Dave; a real head bobber and toe tapper this one, great drumming, riffs a-plenty; heavy drums and a powerful bass line makes this a stand out track.

Fallin’: A heavy drum driven track reminds me a bit of Alter Bridge, another great crowd pleasing anthemic number for them to join in on when they perform this live.

All I Want: A balls out rock number: heavy bass by the Hammer; great playing from both guitarists, powerful drumming from Jack and again wonderful vocals from Mr Foster.

What no power ballads I hear you ask? Well, how about Haunt Me, my personal favourite on the album. This has a real eighties feel to it: wind effects, haunting piano from the producer of the album Jay Shredder, with amazing melodies and solos especially the guitar solo from the man I have christened Bouncing Byron: you asked for a power ballad and this certainly won’t disappoint.

Ending the album with Born to Rock n Roll, where all five of the guys show off their individual talents. Listen to the lyrics: they speak volumes, the reason we all love music, whether it is playing in a band or just going to gigs.

Gin Annie recently went through an experience where many bands would have just called it a day, but not these beasts from the Black Country. They have put it all behind them and continue gigging, and are looking forward to the album launch in January.

If you like a diverse taste of rock, from southern country to eighties metal and more, then Gin Annie is just the tonic you need. This debut is brilliantly produced and has something for everyone, the album and the band are definitely going to be huge, you can take it from me 100% proof.

Review by Dave Martin

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