Poison: Bombs and Rocketts

Rikki Rockett COFFEE?

Hey Everyone… It’s Rikki!

TC and I are pleased to announce our release of Bombs and Rocketts Coffee! We are so excited to start shipping this out in the next week to you all! It is EXTREMELY LIMITED EDITION!!! And once it is sold out, it is gone never to be exactly duplicated ever again.
To cut to the chase, we have three options for sale right now:
COFFEE, 12 oz.
Our coffee, Rockett Fuel… It’s 12 ounces of ground dark roast coffee roasted by shipped to your home to be used in most coffee makers. The blend comes from The Brazilian the Mogiana region, near Minas Gerais. It is a pulped natural coffee that provides the blend with its nutty and cocoa foundation. The Colombian component comes from the Santa Barbara Estate in Antioquia, and is a washed coffee with brown sugar sweetness and subtle orange flavors. Together, these coffees form a full bodied and round cup that holds up beautifully with milk and sugar, but provides enough sweetness and flavor to be enjoyed on its own as well.
COFFEE MUG, 13 oz.
Our official coffee mug… It’s holds 13 ounces of coffee with speckled finish campfire inspired sturdy ceramic mug (made to look like the vintage metal mugs) with a C-shaped handle. It has the Bombs & Rocketts logo on one side in a matte silver finish and is dishwasher safe.
Which is one of each of the above.
These are not available to be autographed. We will be releasing clothing merchandise as well as some memorabilia on Cyber Monday. But since these are the most limited edition items that require serious shipping and handling, we wanted to give you guys a jump on it first. We have it set up any purchase over $100 gets free shipping. Also, keep checking in on the Bombs and Rocketts Facebook page… we will be announcing some specific stuff to B&R on there soon…
Hope your holiday season has kicked into gear with love and cheer.
Happy holidays,
Rikki and TC

Bombs & Rockett’s coffee possesses a dark aroma with a medium body and a clean, tasty finish. Read on:

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