The New Slipknot Mask is Already Sold Out 🙁

When Slipknot’s unveiled their new song “All Out Life” yesterday, Axl lamented that the surprise-release would be a bittersweet experience for fans since the band had yet to reveal their new masks, by far THE MOST IMPORTANT part of every Slipknot album cycle. Every dummy knows this.

First, the good news: MetalSucks commenters will be delighted to learn that Axl was wrong, or at least half-wrong. While the band indeed has not yet unveiled the full set of nine masks they’ll be wearing for the next few years they did release ONE mask. It’s called the “WANYK” mask after a lyric from the new song, “We are not your kind.”

Now the bad news: the WANYK mask was limited to just 500 units and is already sold out at $50 a pop.

How about some flat-smile-emoji-guy news? The jumpsuits seen in the video are also for sale for $50, and there are still some available. I know, that jumpsuit won’t look nearly as cool sitting on your shelf, but it is signed by Clown himself. Imagine how much this thing will be worth in 5, 10, 20 years!

Get your jumpsuit in Slipknot’s store now and then wonder aloud about all the other things you could’ve done with that $50 instead.

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