Aldo Nova is Back, New Album 2.0, Tour & Rock Opera

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Jimmy Kay from Canada’s The Metal Voice ( Spoke To Canadian solo Artist Aldo Nova about his new Album 2.0 coming out on October 19 2018 via Megaforce, his upcoming Tour and his Rock Opera that he has been working on for the past 8 years.WATCH HERE
When asked about his new Album 2.0 a re-recording of his classic songs
"It happened casually it wasn’t planned, on April 1 2017 was the 35 anniversary of my debut album and usually when there are landmark albums like that record companies and bands what they do is remaster, repackage those albums. So I knew that Sony would want to remaster. So I thought to myself what can I do that would be really special for the anniversary, something special for me, my fans and something that would get new fans. Then I got the idea why don’t I redo everything from scratch and turbo charge the songs while keeping the innocence of the songs that I had when I was 22 years old and add the 35-36 years of experience that I have now. If I can do Fantasy and get it to be exciting at the point where it excites me I will keep going otherwise I will drop this whole concept. I wanted 2.0 to sound like you were coming to see me at a live concert, that’s why there are extended solos, there is breaks, time changes and key changes. It’s a guitar oriented album. I also wanted 2.0 to have a more timeless sound to the album and today a mix of both worlds. I really worked hard on the arrangements to be exciting to me. Plus I added a new song called ‘I am a survivor’ and people have been telling me it’s a standout track. "When asked about how his debut album was the template and blueprint of the 80’s sound "Many bands copied that formula. I think I was the template for a lot of bands that followed"When asked about the ups and downs after the success of his albums in the 80’s "I got shafted financially so much back then and I am feeling it today more than ever, when I go back and look at all these old contracts. The first album, I had my dreams come true to be a successful musician. I got to play with Cheap Trick, Blue Oyster Cult, Sammy Hagar, there really was no down side, even with my second album there was no down side. The down side really started to get bad on my third album Twitch, that is when the record company really got involved and that’s when I really started to hate music and hate the whole business. The contracts were really unfair I had a manager that was extremely crooked when it came time to buy a house in New York after my first album sold a couple of millions of albums I couldn’t. Nothing really expensive ($200,000) and I went to the accountant and they told me I don’t have enough money and I said what do you mean I sold a couple of million albums, I toured the world. he said your manager put all your money into your tour. : When asked about his contribution to Bon Jovi’s debut album "Jon Bon Jovi’s cousin Tony Bongiovi mixed my first album at the Power Station in New York and I got to know Jon at the coffee machine andi invited him to hear my songs. So when it came time for Jon to do the demo of the song Runaway and others his cousin called me up and I was more than glad to come and do it, Jon and Tony were my friends. I went into the studio and it was me on guitar, I did all the background vocals with others and I played keyboards on a lot of tracks on that album too. I was pretty involved with the debut album especially from the initial track Runaway. That track basically got them the record deal they got so much airplay from it , it did really well."When asked about him losing confidence in his voice in the late 80’s "I lost confidence in my voice many times because I was in such a bad marriage, I stayed in it too long. It’s kind of hard being told you have a bad voice and after a while you start believing it. Also there was a physical side why I could not sing. Your mind is a powerful thing. I think at that point of time I convinced myself I could not sing but it came back naturally. "When asked if he will be releasing a new album with new material "From February 2008 to 2016 I have been working on a Rock Opera called Space and I have been working on it non stop night and day for 8 years. I kept writing song after song. Now I have a 32 song rock opera ready to go. It’s mixed it’s mastered and it’s played on by the best players. It’s style classical, heavy rock , my voice changes in almost every song to suit the characters." When asked if he will be touring "I will be touring the most extensively as possible, the band is set and I am in shape." Nova initially gained fame with his self-titled debut album Aldo Nova in 1982 which climbed to Billboard’s number 8 position, and its accompanying single, "Fantasy", which climbed to number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100. The debut album reached number 8 on the Billboard 200 and was certified Gold by the RIAA on May 14, 1982, Platinum on February 14, 1989, and Double Platinum on December 5, 1994 Nova provided guitar, keys and background vocals for the demo of BON JOVI’s first hit, "Runaway", and ended up playing with an assemblage of session musicians throughout BON JOVI’s 1984 self-titled debut. In 1996, he received a Grammy Award as producer for Celine Dion’s "Falling into You" for Album of the Year.
"2.0" track listing
01. Fantasy 2.0 02. Ball and Chain 2.0 03. Heart to Heart 2.0 04. It’s Too Late 2.0 05. Can’t Stop Lovin’ You 2.0 06. Foolin’ Yourself 2.0 07. I’m a Survivo


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