Lauren Hart (Once Human) Responds to Mean YouTube Comments

As MetalSucks readers are no doubt well aware, internet comments sections are terrible, terrible places to be. Axl hasn’t read the MS comments at all in many years (much to the chagrin of our commenters whose existence feels invalidated by that difficult truth) and I hardly read ’em anymore either. If you want to witness the dregs of humanity in full swing, comments sections are great places to be! And ours showcases the cream of the crop.

Kudos are in order for Once Human vocalist Lauren Hart, then, who braved the comments section on the band’s YouTube videos and responded to them directly in a new video feature. Lauren has a remarkable talent for interpreting insults as compliments, a really useful quality when you’re wading through all this crap, and takes an extremely light-hearted and affable approach to the whole thing. She’s so smiley! Lauren, you’re welcome to stop by the MS Mansion and respond to our comments any time — your positivity is very welcome!

Also: We absolutely NEED to see the video Lauren mentions having of herself screaming along to karaoke of “Let it Go” from Frozen. Also also: I didn’t know until now that she’s Australian! Hooray for learning something new every day.

Once Human just released a live album, Stage of Evolution, via earMusic; grab it here.

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