DYNAMITE releases new album ‘Big Bang’ on vinyl

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Swedish rockers Dynamite have released their latest album "Big Bang" on vinyl. This follows 2013’s Lock N Load and 2014’s Blackout Station. Big Bang is also the first to be released on their own label Dynamite Productions. Produced and recorded by Mankan Sedenberg in PAMA Studios and co-written by multi-million-selling songwriter Andreas Carlsson (Paul Stanley, Bon Jovi, Europe, Def Leppard). "This is the first time we ever had a co-writer or a producer on a Dynamite album. Andreas and Mankan did a great job helping us unlock our potential to find our sound and write the best songs we could write. Big Bang is a lot more diverse and dynamic than our previous albums with songs like full-throttle ‘Rock n’ Roll Ain’t Dead,’ sing-a-longs ‘Turn Up The Heat’ and ‘Bring It On’ as well as the heaviest song we’ve written ‘Walk The Talk.’ We really pushed ourselves to make a great rock album where good wasn’t good enough – the result is the best material we have released."
Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. March on (To the Beat of Your Drum)
2. Bring It on
3. Turn Up the Heat
4. Walk the Talk
5. Hooked on You
6. Beg Borrow and Steal
7. Big Bang
8. All Bark No Bite
9. Got My Eyes on You
10. Dangertown
11. Rock ‘N Roll Ain’t Dead

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