Anthrax and Armored Saint Will Join First Ever Megadeth-Themed Megacruise

It’s only been two weeks since we first learned about Megacruise, Dave Mustaine’s Megadeth-themed cruise voyage set to sail the Pacific Ocean next year. Details are still sparse, but the few nuggets of information we do have provide a somewhat illuminating window into how this thing is going to shape up.

Dave Mustaine revealed in a recent interview that Armored Saint would be aboard the boat (he teased the Kegadeth tour — a music and beer festival separate from Megacruise — in the same interview), and now Anthrax have officially announced they’ll be partying on the ship as well. Two bands out of what will probably end up being 40 or 50 is most certainly not enough from which to draw any grand conclusion, but seeing as a) festivals generally like to put their best foot forward, and b) Anthrax are certainly a big get, a headline-level band, I think it’s safe to say the cruise is going to be geared towards thrash fans, and older ones at that (all of which makes sense, because duh, Megadeth). To some extent the cruise market is always aimed at an older demo — they ain’t cheap! — but I suspect Megacruise’s audience will skew a decade or so older than that of 70,000 Tons of Metal, for example, which always invites plenty of younger death and black metal bands to perform.

It really is too early to draw any resolute conclusion, though, so we’ll have to wait and see: who else will they add? I’m sure there will be some young blood aboard the boat as well.

The Megacruise will run from October 13th through 18th of 2019. stopping at Los Angeles, San Diego, and Ensenada, Mexico.

[via Metal Insider

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