RHR Mahogany Drift.

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RHR Mahogany Drift.

RHR, are Troy Redfern, Jack J Hutchinson, and Mike Ross. They are being called the next supergroup, but I think personally that title is used too much. I like to think that this was just three damn fine guitarists and likeminded guys who got together and wanted to produce an album of good southern rock and country blues. Accompanied by Darren Lee on drums and a mix of steel fuzz and slide guitars with the songs already having been written individually and just needing a couple of new ones and spending only a short time in the studio, they were ready. Kicking off with

She Painted the Moon a real seventies rock feel to it and straightaway you can hear the three guitar styles,

Second track Rapture, another rocky number: a cross between The Black Crowes and the Stones full of riffs and heavy drum beats.

Judgement Day, starting with a marching band drum riff and echoing resonator guitars, a moody southern blues number which once again lets the guys show off their individual talents.

The first of the co-written numbers next, Mahogany: so nice to hear an instrumental jam session on an album nowadays, they are all too often missing. It sounds like they could have gone on a lot longer.

The second co-written track later on the album, Drift, basically carries on where this leaves off.

Ghost Hound Rider: another southern boogie track with Ross’s falsetto in abundance, a real sixties hippie C S N Y vibe.

Satisfied, Modern blues with a fuzz guitar and a real rocking sound and a mysterious sound of thunder and breaking glass at the end.

Next track Solemn Song, and it is just that, a sad lament combined with a slow finger picking solo.

Where the last song was about escape and running away, Holler is the complete opposite: more upbeat with steel and slide guitars and about a loving reunion.

Leviathan is a Ross southern guitar solo and there are some annoying bumps and knocks throughout the track which could have been taken out in post-production.

Final track: Miles Away once again showcases the talents and individual styles, almost a jam session again.

Overall the album is like the curate’s egg (good in parts) I know it was a quickly produced album and sometimes it shows, with some quirky vocals and missed chords, a little more time in production and this could have been special.

It will be interesting how they gel when they take themselves on the road.

Mahogany Drift is released on November the 1ST.

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