Video: Young Kids Prefer Metal to The Beatles, Pink Floyd and More

Well, this is clever: in a promo scheme to help push their new album Kids Love Metal, the British “kids’ metal band” Slay Duggee decided to put the idea proposed in their album title to the test by playing young kids some metal and playing them classics by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Beach Boys, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye and others, letting the kids choose which they prefer. Unsurprisingly metal won out bigtime, with Slay Duggee’s music garnering some overwhelmingly positive — and hilarious — reactions from the kids.

Drummer Black Shuck commented:

“It’s in our nature to enjoy shouting, jumping around, making noise, and dressing up. The four pillars of heavy metal. It’s no surprise that kids prefer Slay Duggee to the old music relics.”

Touché! Gonna try this one out on my hellspawn Maximus tonight. He’s off to a great head start already, having displayed quite the affinity for Anthrax, Corrosion of Conformity, Ghost and Crowbar.

Slay Duggee’s debut full-length Kids Love Metal comes out today. It features 14 heavy metal cover versions of children’s songs and theme tunes; stream it right here in full.

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