Green Day’s Drummer Has a Joke “Icelandic Death Metal” Band

I fucked with some Green Day back in the day for sure. Dookie was a hugely important album for me, and I then went back and got into Kerplunk and 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours. Insomniac was very much on my radar although I never owned it… but by the late ’90s / early ’00s I had moved on to heavier things. That’s how it usually goes, right?

So imagine my surprise when I saw this headline on Loudwire about Green Day drummer Tre Cool’s “Icelandic death metal” band. It’s obviously not Icelandic (unless the Bay Area has suddenly gone ultra frosty due to climate change) and it’s not even death metal, although it’s definitely way heavier than anything Green Day ever did. It’s more like really, really heavy punk with some hardcore breakdowns, gruffer vocals and the occasional metal moment. With song titles like “My Fish” and “Kill Eat Shit Repeat” it’s unlikely it was meant to be taken seriously, and that’s fine; it’s Tre Cool and friends just having fun and taking the piss.

Ah, right, the band title: that would be Dead Mermaids, and their new EP is called You’re Welcome. Enjoy it below.

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