ACCEPT: ‘Balls To The Wall’ Live Video From ‘Symphonic Terror’

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And Wild" and "Pandemic". The middle part featured guitarist Wolf Hoffmann accompanied by a symphony orchestra, presenting the best tracks from his recent solo album, "Headbangers Symphony", which includes metal versions of some of the world’s biggest classical compositions (e.g. from Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi). And in the last but not least part, fans were able to bang their heads to ACCEPT anthems (also accompanied by the orchestra), such as "Princess Of The Dawn", "Breaker", "Fast As A Shark" and "Metal Heart", as well as to newer songs like "Stalingrad", "Shadow Soldiers" and "Teutonic Terror". The finale was an eight-minute version of ACCEPT’s classic song "Balls To The Walls".
A performance clip of the song "Balls To The Wall", taken from "Symphonic Terror – Live At Wacken 2017", can be seen below.

"Symphonic Terror – Live At Wacken 2017" will be available as:
* Blu-ray+2CD digipak * DVD+2CD digipak * 2CD digipak * 3LP box (black) including booklet, poster
* 3LP Box (gold) including booklet, poster (Nuclear Blast mailorder exclusive) * Blu-ray+DVD+2CD earbook * BluRay+DVD+2CD earbook + photo card (signed) (Nuclear Blast mailorder exclusive)
DVD/Blu-ray track listing:
Part 1: Accept
01. Die By The Sword 02. Restless And Wild 03. Koolaid 04. Pandemic 05. Final Journey
Part 2: Headbanger’s Symphony
06. Night On Bald Mountain 07. Scherzo 08. Romeo And Juliet 09. Pathétique 10. Double Cello Concerto In G Minor 11. Symphony No. 40 IN G Minor
Part 3: Accept with Orchestra
12. Princess Of The Dawn 13. Stalingrad 14. Dark Side Of My Heart 15. Breaker 16. Shadow Soldiers 17. Dying Breed 18. Fast As A Shark 19. Metal Heart 20. Teutonic Terror 21. Balls To The Wall
22. Making Of: Wacken 23. Making Of: Headbanger’s Symphony

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