Hunter Hunt-Hendrix from Liturgy Wrote a “Black Metal/Trap Video Opera”

If you’re one of the many, many people who were turned off by Hunter Hunt-Hendrix’s infamously esoteric, arguably pretentious manifesto, Transcendental Black Metal: A Vision of Apocalyptic Humanism, well… this probably won’t help.

The Liturgy frontman has penned Origin of the Alimonies, which a press release alternately refers to as a “black metal opera” and a “video opera,” so let’s call it a “black metal video opera.” Actually, the press release says it also includes trap music, so let’s call it a “black metal/trap video opera.” Actually, that’s too much to type over and over again. Let’s just call it “Hell on Earth.”

So. As you can probably guess from its title, the narrative of this Hell on Earth follows history’s first divorce. Kidding. That would be ridiculous. In reality, “Origin of the Alimonies follows Oioion and Sheymn, a pair of divine beings whose thwarted love tears a wound from which civilization is generated, producing the Four Alimonies of the intelligible universe and the task of collective emancipation.” See? Much less silly.

If Origin of the Alimonies sounds like your thing, and you live in the Brooklyn area, it will make its debut on October 25 at National Sawdust, and will include “a live score performed by a twelve-piece hybrid metal/chamber ensemble.” Actually, even if you don’t live in Brooklyn, you’re probably gonna wanna see this thing, because it’s “the prologue to a multi-part opera cycle titled Oioion and the dramatic core of an upcoming philosophical lecture series,” and you’ll surely want to be able to follow the plots of future installments. Otherwise you’re gonna be like that one idiot who went to Infinity War even though he never saw any of the other Marvel movies.

You can watch the trailer The Adventures of Onion and Schuman below, and buy tickets here. In case you’re STILL somehow not sold on this thing, you should know that the press also says that “Opening the evening will be a saxophone performance by Paul.” Paul who? Just Paul.

So. That sounds neat.

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