Anthrax’s Frank Bello Reveals Which Band He’d Add to the Big Four

If you were going to expand the Big Four into the Big Five, which would band would you add? ‘Tis a metal nerd debate as old as time… or at least as old as the concept of the Big Four. Of course, there is no “right” answer…

…but, admittedly, the opinion of Frank Bello from Anthrax carries a little more weight than most, because… well… he’s friggin’ Frank Bello from Anthrax.

So you may be interested to know that when this hypothetical thought exercise was recently posed to Mr. Bello by, he answered thusly:

“Exodus, because they have been there from the very beginning. It is hard because we have all been there for a really long time. Testament, Overkill… there are a lot of great bands.”

This is the Internet, where everyone argues about everything all the time always, so who the fuck knows, but I don’t think Bello’s selection will be controversial. Exodus seems to be the most popular answer to this question, likely because, as Bello says, they have seniority.

I, of course, am a mutant, so I think it should be Testament, who, I would argue, have had the highest quality overall output of all the nominess. But what do I know? I’m not Frank Bello from Anthrax.

Carry on the argument in the comments section below!

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