Slipknot’s Jim Root: Ross Robinson Rumor is “Fake News”

Rumors that Slipknot were reuniting with producer Ross Robinson for their next album made the rounds last week after bassist Alessandro Venturella posted an Instagram video clip from a recording studio featuring a dog that internet sleuths identified as Robinson’s. Fans understandably got excited about Slipknot working with the man who helmed the boards for their iconic self-titled and Iowa albums.

Not so fast, says guitarist Jim Root. Over the weekend Root shared a video on Instagram geo-tagged EastWest studios in L.A., adding fuel to the fire, which naturally led fans to ask about the Ross Robinson rumors in the comments. And Jim, being a man of the people, decided to wade into the mucky muck of the comments right along with them, jokingly replying “there is no Ross. Only Zool [sic]. Get it outta your head” (a reference to this scene in the original Ghostbusters) to a fan who asked directly about Robinson, and later “fake news brah” when that same fan pressed again.

Are we to take Root at his word, or could he be attempting to throw fans off the scent? If Root is speaking honestly, why was Venturella hanging out in a recording studio with Ross Robinson’s dog at the same time Root is also in L.A. at a recording studio??

I am blogging about a fucking dog photo on Instagram. Welcome to metal journalism in 2018.

Speaking of which: what does Corey Taylor think™ of all of this? The people deserve to know!


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